Pre-printed Traceability Labels

PTI compliance without computers, printers or software

Dead-Simple Pricing

1 penny per label plus 1 dime per pallet plus shipping. Period.

No Printer Required

You can use your phone to input farm, field and shipping. We provide a state of the art web portal so you can perform all traceability functions.

Order 1 or 1000 bricks

We try to ship out small orders within 24 hours. Large orders within a week. Plus we can partially ship large orders if you need the labels right away.

Be PTI Compliant in One Day

We have everything you need to get started today. If you don't have your GTIN number from GS1, we can help you apply. Once you have your number we can often ship you bricks out the same day!

Get Started Now

Easy Pricing (386)208-1309

No setup fee. Minimum order is 1 brick (30 pallets).

Pallet Label

10¢ /pallet
  • Hybrid Pallet Label
  • SSCC Advance Shipping Notice

Carton Label

  • PTI Compliant
  • GS-128 Barcode

Web Portal

  • Tracks Inventory
  • Trace Forward and Backward

Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI)

  • It is currently mandated that every carton of produce have a 4 x 2 label that includes a special bar code that links it to the pack date and field/farm.
  • In addition, each pallet must contain two master bar codes that identify the contents of the pallet, including the number of cartons on the pallet. The idea is that a receiver can scan the pallet bar code and it will say "I have 80 boxes of fancy yellow squash from Acme Farms."

Try it for free. No credit card required.

We will send you a pallet brick for free. A pallet brick typically contains 30 pallets worth of labels and is the size of a large brick. If you have a GTIN number, we can create a totally authentic brick. If you just want to see what a sample brick looks like, we can do that too. Just click the link below and create an account or give us a call at (386) 208-1309

Simple and Effective

Our Clients

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More Features

PalletBrick offers an amazing array of features.


If you can scan pallets as they are packed and also scan them when they are shipped, the PalletBrick portal can tell you what is in inventory

Online Order Processing

Order labels when you are ready: any time day or night.

Trace Back and Trace Forward

The essence of traceability is knowing where and when a carton was packed, how long it was held and where and when it was shipped.

Train Your People in Five Minutes

The process just cannot be made any simpler. One PalletPack has all the labels needed for one pallet. There just is nothing confusing about the process.

Farmer's Portal

If you like, you can give your growers a web-portal so they can track their daily production.

ASN when the Chain Stores are Ready

The Advanced Shipping Notice (ASN) is the next step in the PTI. That a special kind of e-mail gets sent to your customer's system that contains the details of a shipment.